5006 Veterans Highway
Holbrook NY 11741

About Us

Spartan Performance/CrossFit Suffolk is dedicated to training beyond being in “good shape”.  We are proud to be the first CrossFit affiliate in Suffolk County, NY.  The owners of Spartan Performance/ CrossFit Suffolk, George and Lisa, were certified as CrossFit Level 1 Trainers in 2007 and “opened the doors” in January 2008.  The goal at Spartan Performance is optimizing human performance.   We use the CrossFit method.  The workouts are constantly varied, highly intense, based on functional movement and the results are dramatic.

Our goal is to train our members to achieve a level of fitness not thought possible, to foster a “culture of fitness” and do so in a challenging, supportive environment.

We improve ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE!  Losing weight and looking better is a byproduct of what we do.  We help humans become stronger, faster, flexible and better functioning.  You do not need to consider yourself an athlete in order to get the full benefits of training like one.

We improve fitness regardless of your current level. Workouts are scaled to fit your needs and capabilities. You’ll find true training as opposed to being shown a few exercises and being left to fend for yourself.  This is not the typical “gym”…your training is ALWAYS guided and supervised.  This is more like getting together with a group of friends and hiring a personal trainer.  We guide our community to a better way of nutrition and all-around healthy habits. You’ll find like minded people working toward their fitness goals.  Our members come from all walks of life.  The intensity of your training is dictated by your unique fitness level whether that means you’ve never trained or you’re a highly conditioned athlete.  Some of our athletes are just people looking to improve their state of fitness and others are competitive in the sport of fitness (CrossFit!) or traditional sports.

Getting started is as simple as making a phone call (631-747-6038) or sending an email (info@spartanperformance.com).  We’ll schedule you for a FREE session!