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May 19, 2015

This month’s challenge is the 100′ Farmers Walk for load and time.  The monthly challenge is an all-voluntary event, but it’s always a good time…and a good test.  We believe the Farmers Walk is one of the best exercises one can partake in.   And we are not alone in that belief…click HERE and HERE.  Loaded carries of any kind will always improve strength and they are useful for real life.  The Farmers Walk also has the added benefit of improving your grip strength.  And finally, for an exercise that yields excellent results there is nothing complicated about this movement.  You can use dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and the Farmers Walk loadable handles to do the Farmers Walk.  You can work this into your post-workout training.  That was a hint…in case you didn’t catch it.  Some have already made this part of their steady routine…and it shows.

Kelly is up to a combined weight of 310 lbs. (155 lbs. in each hand) for the 100′ Farmers Walk!

Kelly farmer walk




Workout of the Day

Power Clean & Jerk
5X2@ 70% 1 Rep max

5 rounds for time of:
25 double unders
7 hang power cleans 115/75#

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

  1. Bevin Reply

    Yeah Kelly!

  2. John H Reply

    a couple of strong chicks in that pic.

  3. Strongwoman Reply

    Wow! That is one strong chick!

    If you have never done this , you need too! TODAY!

  4. George Reply

    Speaking of John H…….John has a 450 lbs. 100′ Farmers Walk! YEAH John!

  5. KerriLynn_SuperCleary Reply

    I’m just glad you used one of my picture’s George (the top one) and caught me doing what my favorite WOD…Taking Pictures of Kelly for time. #Creep hahaha but nice work Kelly and John!! I was there for both

  6. Kelly R Reply

    Good morning
    Go approve the other comments haha

    • George Demetriou Reply

      Stop yelling at me Kelly.

  7. Richie G Reply

    Is that the lip quiver that I get a kick out of, every time you lift heavy things Kelly? HA!

  8. Kelly R Reply

    Yes Richie! ?Lmao
    George got a picture of it

  9. John H Reply

    I guess we’re going to have to start reading the “notes” section on the whiteboard…that shits get tin’ funny

  10. George Reply

    John H.–Agreed! We need to keep it “ENTERtraining” John. There are no rules stating we can’t entertain each other in the spirit of training! Not to mention when I look back at my “notes” I want to have a laugh or in the very least, a smile. Reading, “I had to use 2 abmats for my handstand push-ups because I can’t go full-ROM” just isn’t fun at all, and nothing to smile about.


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